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We're Rebranding!

"New Number. Hu Dis?"

Naaaaah not really. Same amazing people. Same amazing service. Just a shiny new logo and our own webpage.

A lot of you will know the Zalense brand runs across a couple of divisions like specialised Business Consulting (Z-Optimise), Training Services (Z-Academy), and of course Recruitment Services (Z-People) - what we're doing with this rebranding, is really just pulling Z-People into it's own lane, and bringing some clarity to what we do (btw - watch this space as the Z brand expands into new territory soon).

2021 has seen some (unexpected but welcomed) phenomenal growth for our Z-People brand.

We put this growth down to you - our people and partners.

One of the principles we learnt early on in our professional careers was "Everyone makes a dollar, nobody makes two" - a principle which we've integrated into how we price ourselves in the market, and more importantly, how we pay our people.

Yep we were advised very strongly to set our margins in line with market (17-20%). We did the math. And it didn't add up. Either our partners lost out with unsustainable rates, or we would need to take it out of our peoples pockets. Yeah nah. Hard pass thanks.

What we've done instead is work really hard on building a model that works sustainably on lower margins, giving more money to our staff (higher quality people coming through), and taking less out of our partners pockets (building quality long term relationships). We also tossed out those ridiculous placement fees and minimum contract hours - freeing up our partners to take our People into permanent spots without worrying about a huge invoice whack.

Wanna know a secret? It's working. Who would have thought businesses could profit responsibly?

So to you, our People and Partners - our Z People - we say a huge and genuine thank you. 2021 has been a ride. Bring on 2022.

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09 mar 2022

average article. It's a no from me mate

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