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Need People?


Automate and optimise your operation all you want, but it's Good People that will make Great Teams.

There is a reason why our people are in such demand - and it's partly because of you.

We're a family business, in the business of family. That's not just a corny sales pitch - we go to extraordinary lengths for our People - making sure we recruit and attract the Good People needed to build great teams.

We do this by maintaining strong networks - a work-family if you like - of people and organisations who have each others back.

Whether you need Temps, Fixed Term Contract, or Direct Placement staff - we're brining the best in the market to ...the best in the market.


It's actually your amazing company culture, and dedication to building your people and teams, which ensures we continue attracting and retaining Good People as employers of choice. We're the enablers, you are the secret sauce.

Get in touch with our team today and start scaling your operation with Good People.

We connect our People to many different types of employment arrangements

  • Temp & Temp-to-Perm  

  • Fixed-term Projects 

  • Direct Placement

Send us an email at, or fill out your details below with a quick note on what you need.

Thanks for submitting!

[Zalense] have got something pretty special here. They have a really good knowledge of the industry and that's really helped us to get what we need.


Great comms and really responsive with sometimes very short notice, but the team keep finding these absolute diamonds.


We're a decent size operation, and work with a couple of agencies, it was a little hit-and-miss because our local labour market is really tough. 

I called Zalense to help fill two Temp staff spots which they filled quite quickly. Now most of my operation Temp and Contract staff are pretty much all Zalense.

Lisa and the Zalense team are definitely our go-to agency. 


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